Let's talk addresses...

Now that you’ve nailed down a stationer and begun the design process, there’s the question of addressing… First of all – GET STARTED ON YOUR GUEST LIST, LIKE NOW. This seems to be a point of procrastination for most couples. Call your mom, dad, aunts and grandmas and put them to work gathering addresses. Then it’s up to you to organize them.

Your planner will offer a solution for inputting your guest list into an app or spreadsheet to track replies. This will save your sanity if you just do a few at a time along the way. Most systems (even the freebie WeddingWire or The Knot sites) will generate a neat little spreadsheet of your guest mailing addresses - this list is pure gold!

Your stationery designer may provide an affordable solution for addressing all those envelopes. Digital printing is a budget-friendly option that’s as pretty as it is efficient. With fonts/colors to match your invitation or handwriting fonts that look so close to calligraphy most people can’t even tell. Your envelopes could be printed in a day as opposed to weeks of handwriting them during a series of Netflix binges. Professional calligraphy is always a beautiful choice so if the hand-lettered look is your thing, be sure to book your calligrapher well in advance and set aside around $3.00+ per suite depending on the ink/style.

However you decide to address your envelopes, you’ll be glad you have that typed list when the time comes.

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