I said yes... now what?

So you’ve set the date, booked the venue, hired a fabulous planner and started working on the budget… what’s next? One of the most overlooked line items in your long list of #allthethings might just be one of the most important. Inviting all those near and dear to you to share in your wedding day deserves some forethought and planning.

You’ve most likely heard “it’s just a piece of paper” or “it’ll end up in the trash”, but an invitation is so much more. Your wedding is without question one of the most important and memorable days of your life. A heartfelt request to share in such a celebration requires more care and attention than a simple postcard in an envelope, don’t you think?

During your budgeting process, your wedding planner will tell you to set aside around 6% of your total wedding budget for invitation stationery. This will cover Save The Date cards and envelopes as well as your Invitation Suites. Other expenses to consider are postage, addressing services, and assembly.

Hire your professional designer or stationer 6-9 months prior to your wedding date. The design process will take longer than browsing a website or flipping through a look book. All pretty looks you’ve been liking and Pinning will come into play here. Those quick glimpses into your personal styles can save a designer a tremendous amount of time attempting to discern your style as a couple.

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